Reidun Aafløy Hansen
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Reidun Aafløy Hansen: A Journey Towards Art
A magnificent book about the artist Reidun Aafløy Hansen, her life and her art

In 2006 the painter, sculptor and draftsman Reidun Aafløy Hansen celebrated 30 years as an artist. "Diversity" can be said to be a key characteristic of her eventful career. In her paintings colour is the primary and constructive element, and her use of colour is complex and filled with contrasts. In sculpture she works with busts, heads and portraits; in drawings she uses powerful lines and large formats.

Throughout her life Aafløy Hansen has travelled towards art and within art, yet she did not become a fulltime artist until reaching a mature age. Only after working as a radio telegraphist in international shipping – a career that gave her a wealth of opportunities to experience and study artworks at some of the world's greatest cultural institutions while in port – did she begin studying art full time.

With unstoppable enthusiasm and effort she distinguishes herself through expressive paintings, sculptures, and through a series of exhibitions. The art critic and historian Leena Mannila has written the book's introductory chapter.

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Reidun Aafløy Hansen: A Journey Towards Art is published by Kom Forlag.